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whojackmann.com is the online portfolio of Jack Mann, the Yorkshire raised, London based, twenty-something writer with a penchant for people, poetry and performance.

Ardington House Wedding - Donna & Alex -

my first printed poetry collection is now available as an audiobook

My first printed contemporary poetry collection, BLOCK, is influenced first by Sheffield and then by being a long way from home. You can buy a copy from the shop or listen to it here. All proceeds from BLOCK sales have gone back into  whojackmann.com, namely its collaborative art projects and the BLOCK audiobook.

contemporary poetry, writing workshops and your next art project, online and offline

After two degrees, two years of travelling and over five years of SEO and content marketing – now with a tight-knit, independent, start-up, Seeded Digital – I'm keener than ever to write, collaborate and perform with artists and brands from every background wherever you are in the world.

summer sequence: original poetry, spoken word covers and a live band

This Summer Sequence of live poetry and spoken word covers with session band backing marks a half year on since the start of my London journey. I pay homage here to everyday love poetry with renditions of John Cooper Clarke's 'I wanna be yours' and Frank O'Hara's 'Having a coke with you', both of which I learnt last year for readings at mates' weddings. 'an interaction', 'and the waitresses seem to have no bums' and 'us in H.D.' are all original pieces, with the last drawing heavily by way of cut-up technique on Hilda Doolittle's Selected Poems. By all means, let me know what you make of the set and what you'd like to see next, just know, however, that I am after some autumnony...

get in touch and let's discuss working together

On page, on stage or on camera; leading writing workshops, compering events or DJing; search engine optimisation for your website, cross-medium art collaborations or even just to say hello, for any or all of the above get in touch here or through the social links below and I'll reply as soon as I can.