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Poetry portfolio

From friends' zines to local poetry anthologies, self-produced ebooks to my first published poetry collection and audiobook, BLOCK, this is a selection of my creative writing online and in print.

ebook and audiobook poetry collection 2022: Proceed Only With Authority

Proceed Only With Authority is my second solo book of poems. Featuring pieces written between 2014 and 2022, P.O.W.A picks up where BLOCK left off and returns to the Steel City with experience, heartache and hope. Big shout to Oliver Deans of Outlier Design Studio for imaging the collection.

proceed only with authority_POWA_front cover_jack mann_edited.jpg

Atlantis Arrived in Spirit Duplicator's Atlantis

18 predominantly South Yorkshire based writers and artists collaborated to produce this gorgeous, risograph print book, centred on the idea of Atlantis. 'Arrived' features Jes Hunt's illustration and my words. Click through to get your copy from Spirit Duplicator directly.

atlantis arrived_jack mann jes hunt_spir

These Sheffield-based magazines and journals have also featured my work:

Now Then Magazine, Wordwards, Route 57, On Marco Reus, Article & PlastiCities 24-hour Magazine, Storying Sheffield and - under a slew of pseudonyms and, maybe, sometimes, my own name - Dead Beats Literary Blog.

Print and spoken word collection: BLOCK

Working with The Writing Squad and Wrecking Ball Press to put BLOCK into print - into something that people could buy and keep - is one of my proudest moments as a writer. 'LET ME TAKE YOU OUT TONIGHT', '[WO]MEN'S HEALTH' and 'INTERVAL' are on YouTube alternatively, you can listen to and download the full audiobook on Bandcamp.

block by jack mann_front and back covers_gold background_cw.jpeg

90s SINGLES NIGHT: a touchpaperlit project


90s SINGLES NIGHT is a collaborative art project that features 11 nighttime poems and illustrations concerned with being single and born in the 90s, alongside colloquial Mandarin introduction and title translations. In the last week of February 2019, I revisited the material with a microphone and drum machine; you can listen to the mixtape here.

90s SINGLES NIGHT_touchpaperlit_front co

'Inertia' in The Sheffield Anthology

the sheffield anthology_front cover_crop

Written following a psychogeography trip led by professional poet and former tutor of mine, Agi Lehoczky, 'Inertia' was my first poem dedicated to Sheffield outright. And to have my then most acclaimed piece included in this collection alongside some of my favourite contemporary poets - not least a certain Jarvis Cocker - is a definite highlight of my first stint in the Steel City.

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