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Proceed Only With Authority

Proceed Only With Authority is my second solo poetry collection and is available as an ebook and an audiobook.


P.O.W.A. explores what happens when you find yourself in the relationships and [head]spaces you might have dreamt of and picks up where BLOCK, my first collection, drops off.


Over 20 poems and 29 pages, Proceed Only With Authority features my words enveloped once again in Oliver Deans' imagery, which is at once familiar and uncanny.


While I never stopped writing, I did go quiet after my SUMMER SEQUENCE 2019 live sets; in part, because I didn’t believe in what I said any more, and, in part, because I had some listening to do.


I always knew when I got round to finishing the difficult second poetry collection, however, that Ollie would know how to image it. Like my words, Ollie's fonts, icons and images centre on the tram instruction "PROCEED ONLY WITH AUTHORITY" observed at the bottom of Park Hill. And he uses each to imbue the volume with rich and idiosyncratic texture.

How to buy Proceed Only With Authority

You can buy Proceed Only With Authority as an ebook and/or audiobook from me directly for £5 each or £9 together by clicking the buy button above or email link below if your email program automatically opens links. Alternatively, you can simply email me at <>

To note, I operate as an independent artist. All proceeds from sales go back into and its projects, from website maintenance to recording equipment to ensuring collaborators are paid fairly for their work.


The frankly weird and personal nature of emailing me to order (eurgh!) means I can sell at an accessible price point for most people and retain more margin for present and future work.

Thank you for your support!

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Contents (and timestamps)

[preface] (00:07)

  1. i believe in love with no limits (00:19)

  2. down by the weaver (01:16)

  3. abbeydale road (01:41)

  4. endless, endless, (02:23)

  5. the clouds are in reverse today (03:19)

  6. expresso (03:56)

  7. and the waitresses seem to have no bums (04:09)

  8. us in H.D. (04:39)

  9. the mess i knew i'd make (05:34)

  10. lockdown haibun (06:00)

  11. empty nest (06:21)

  12. as blue as a [boy] can be (07:42)

  13. i'm not in your city (08:18)

  14. 'ey up lass (08:37)

  15. new year's day (08:59)

  16. a stranger feeling (09:16)

  17. sighborg (09:58)

  18. i never stopped (10:20)

  19. i.m sick of all these ladies (10:32)

  20. proceed only with authority (11:39)

Notes & Acknowledgements (12:26)

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