90s SINGLES NIGHT is a touchpaperlit collaborative art project, featuring 11 illustrated, English-language poems based on 90s pop songs, dedicated to Chinese Singles Day.


Each poem draws heavily from Western 90s chart music and was worked on for only twice the length of the eponymously titled song, with one playthrough of the title track to write it, and another playthrough to edit it. The introduction to 90s SINGLES NIGHT and its titles were then translated by Magic Z into Mandarin.


On the 11th May 2018, 6 months after and 6 months before Singles Day, an Australian architect, Charly, crafted this gorgeous, illustated version which was then available to download for the rest of May and all of November from touchpaperlit.com. Download your copy from their website today.

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    Credits: JM, MZ, CW

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