BLOCK by Jack Mann is an A6-sized contemporary poetry booklet published with support from The Writing Squad in association with Wrecking Ball Press. Only 250 copies have been printed.


'At a loss for words/not like me, usually[...]'


BLOCK; or, the naïvete of the prince not crowned begins with the above line written on the way home, alone, from a Sheffield nightclub at the peak of my first year of university. Following the east coast of Australia, Berlin and Chapel en le Frith, the collection then rattles towards its language-less conclusion in the dirt somewhere beneath Park Hill Flats.


Each poem, or block, is cemented by a universal form and unique rhythm, which veer from obviously constructed to seemingly formless towards the collection's conclusion. While poems are typically meant to be read, BLOCK represents my first attempt at crafting stories that I hope can be appreciated just as much for how they look and sound – something I'm still proud of.

For now, whether as in print, .pdf or audiobook, BLOCK is only available from me in person. If you would like a copy, please get in touch.