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Online coach and personal trainer in Sheffield

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I motivate 20-40 year olds to build strength and confidence through weightlifting.


Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose fat, my one-to-one personal training and online coaching system will provide you with the tools and mindset needed to achieve and sustain the results you're looking for or have previously struggled to maintain.

Learn how to achieve the body of your dreams through one-to-one coaching.

You might feel overwhelmed by how much nutrition and exercise information there is online, you might struggle to make your results stick, you might want more freedom around how and what you eat.


Let's talk about what you need and what you can let go of to finally achieve your fitness goals.

Let me show you what you need and what you can let go of...

If you've read this far, then you want to make a change to your health and fitness. You may be new to lifting weights or already have years of experience. Either way, you know you can achieve more and so are looking to take that mindset and your diet and training to the next level.

Should you hire a personal trainer, an online coach or go it alone? I imagine, by now, you've tried it on your own and found it slow, confusing and frustrating.

So that leaves you with the first two options, both of which mean working with someone who has more experience and knowledge than you, who has done what you're trying to do and learnt how to do it well.

The aim of my coaching is to make 1-1 personalised support accessible to you wherever you are in the world to give you the tools, motivation and accountability you need to make serious changes to your lifestyle.

The problem with just relying on personal training sessions for your health and fitness goals is that one hour of exercise two or three times a week is just a small component of what you might do to get the results you want.

As a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach, I am more than happy to offer you a gym-only service; with my online support, you work with me on a 1-1 basis to understand what to do in the gym and what you can do outside of it to make your goals both easier to reach and maintain.

Every aspect of my programming is personalised to what you need, when you need it, leading to potentially far better results achieved in a shorter space of time than working with a solely gym-based PT.

Coaching guarantee

I also want to remove any doubt or trust issues you may have with hiring an online coach. That's why my coaching comes with a guarantee.

If you follow the programme for three months and you do not achieve results that align with the fitness goals we agree upon, then I will give you your money back. In the best case scenario, you achieve amazing results and we're both super happy. In the worst case scenario, I give you every penny back. There's no risk.

Keep reading to understand exactly how my online coaching works...

Client results

@putthekettlebellon_ lost 10lbs in six weeks while watching her gym numbers go up each week.

coachjackmann client transformation photos_female_three months apart.jpgg

Rach lost 15lbs in three months, found a new enjoyment for training and eating well and kept on losing weight by herself!

What does the online coaching include?

There are four pillars to my coaching


Learn how to train effectively to build muscle or lose fat. You’ll get regularly updated, personalised training plans that are fully tailored to your goals, lifestyle, time restraints and ability. Every time you train, even if that is occasionally at home or in a shorter session, I aim to get you the most bang for your buck. I don’t want you wasting any time doing things that won’t bring you results.
My online coaching will also teach you what to do in each session – which workouts to do across the week, exercises, reps, sets and so on – so all you need to do is follow the clear instructions on the plan and the results will come.


I will give you all the tools you need to reach your goal without resorting to fad, overly restrictive or boring diets. We will look at your food preferences and energy needs to help you create a meal plan that will get you to your weight or performance goal without restriction. I want you to eat what you enjoy guilt-free, and hopefully remove any confusion you might have around nutrition and "healthy eating".



As a qualified personal trainer, I know that no matter how hard a person trains in the gym, more than 80% of their results are likely to come from outside of it. I want you to incorporate fitness into your life but your life does not need to revolve around fitness. Together, we will plan around your work schedule, social events and family commitments and/or eating patterns.


One-to-one support is one of the keys to success that I will give you. Every week, we will fully review your progress so we can ensure you’re getting the results you want. And if at any point you’re not, I’ll tell you exactly what we need to change.
Along with the weekly support, you can WhatsApp me at any time with any questions you have or for any support you might need.

Every month, we can also have an extended phone or video call to chat in more detail and I’ll be able to see how I can help you further.
My 1-1 online coaching support is going to ensure you stay motivated and on track. It’s going to give you confidence, knowing that you’re doing everything correctly and someone is there to answer any questions. It will also give you accountability, helping to keep you focused on the plan and not fall off track.
Lastly, I'll invite you to a group chat with other clients of mine, like you, looking to reach their goals. Your environment is key to success, so being surrounded by like-minded people is important. In the group, I share advice and group member wins, we post challenges and people share questions about and notes on their fitness journeys. The community element means everyone can support each other, network and build relationships: you’re not alone.

5 reasons for you to join my online coaching

An incredible level of support

Unlike gym-based personal trainers, or indeed other online coaches I've worked with and been told about, you will have multiple touch-points across each week to work with me. None of your coaching will occur in a group environment. If you pay for a one to one coach, I'm fairly certain you want an experience that is personal and specific to you.

We will personally stay in touch through WhatsApp messages, our shared workbook, video check-ins and bi-weekly catch-up calls.


The group chat is then there for you to see how people perhaps with similar goals to you are getting on and how they coped with struggles and went on to succeed. Surrounding ourselves with people who are active and achieving can bolster our motivation to be active and achieve. Moreover, the people who've joined my coaching so far are lovely and have wildly differing life experiences – it's a group I feel lucky to be a part of.

Lastly, what everyone of my clients wants is accountability and support, and you will have both in abundance with my coaching.


When you win, I win

Everything I coach now is grounded in what I wish I knew when I first started paying attention to my physical health and mental wellbeing. And alongside a decade of trial and error, I've invested thousands of pounds into my professional development, achieving a masters in Psychology, qualifying as a level-4 S&C coach and learning from PTs and online coaches alike along the way.

It's not in my interest to give you the tools I've created and leave you to figure them out. Working together we will achieve incredible results that you will learn to make stick, so, after working with me, fitness becomes another part of a full and meaningful life and not what your life revolves around.

My past and present clients are tagged on this page and on my Instagram profile – feel free to reach out to them and ask them how they got on! If you want to succeed, we will get you there. And if things get tough, I'm just one message away.

Health and fitness help wherever you are in the world

I don't want geography or cost to be barriers to your success. I have clients in the UK and US who pay either everything upfront or in monthly instalments to ensure they have access to quality coaching wherever they are up to.


Further, three months of online coaching with me works out as far more cost-effective than working with a comparably experienced gym-based PT for even two months, not least as you'll have access to personalised workouts and the tools and support you need to succeed in and outside of the gym.

I turn knowledge into action

Starting a new programme can be daunting, particularly if you're expecting to change your diet and exercise and you've been given lots of information on both. I've been there before and felt overwhelmed. I don't want that for you.

Knowledge and intention are both powerful resources but, without action, they won't lead to results.

Working together, we'll gradually introduce tasks and knowledge into your programme throughout the weeks. Rather than change everything all at once and see you burn out before you've even started, my aim is to show you how to get better one percent each day, every day!

Guaranteed results

As mentioned above, I want to remove any doubt or trust issues you might have with hiring an online coach, that's why my health and fitness coaching comes with a 100% refund guarantee.

If you follow the programme and action each of its steps and it doesn't land you results that make sense to you, then I will give you every penny back. I am that confident in the effectiveness of the programme and my system.

If you commit to the changes and steps we build together, you will see significant changes.

The aim of my online health and fitness coaching is to help you move towards goals that make sense to you every day. To do this, we will look at your current blockers to success and prioritise what needs most work first.

Each week, you will complete an easy-to-use spreadsheet and form with data points, comments on how the last seven days went and progress photos. If you stick to the plan, you will be able to see exactly how much you have progressed each week. If you struggled, you will know exactly where you could improve next week.

If you're the type of person who knows what they should do but actually struggles to put that knowledge into action, my coaching is going to transform your experience of managing your health and fitness goals: you won't just learn what to do, you'll also learn exactly how and why to do it, and, importantly, be held accountable to doing it.

Every 14 days, you will have a 1-1 call with me to cover all of the above, as well as what you need more or less of from me, giving you obvious support, accountability and actionable next steps to keep on making progress. You'll know exactly what to do and what I expect of you, and we'll remove any concerns, confusion or doubts you might have.

I want you to get the quality of service you need to succeed.

Client results

coachjackmann client comparison photos_male_six weeks apart.jpg

@henry_mann1 gained 1.5kg over six weeks while staying close to his fighting conditioning.

coachjackmann bodybuilding client transformation photo_female_nine weeks.jpg.jpeg

@chefmarinie lost 5.5kg over nine weeks while spending time socialising and preparing incredible food!

Who do I work with?

From the top, it's worth saying that I don't work with everyone. If you apply to my online coaching and I feel like I am not the best person to help you with your goal, or, in the other direction, that you might not be someone I can work with, then I will let you know straight away.


People who are willing to put in the work will see the best results. If you think that paying for a coach means you will start losing weight or gaining muscle like never before, then you're not who I'm looking to work with. I will give you all of the tools and knowledge you need to succeed but you are directly responsible for putting everything into action. The work won't always be easy but the results you get from it will be worth it.

People who are determined to achieve their fitness goals. If achieving your health and fitness goals in the next couple of months is at least a nine out of 10 for you in terms of importance, then you're exactly who I'm looking for. If it's not that important to you, then please don't apply.

People who know they don't know everything. If you already think you have all of the answers, then I'm not the coach for you. You need to be in a place where you can accept help and advice. Your ability to achieve results you've never had before will be unlocked if you are open to implementing new strategies and are ready to learn and take action. If this sounds like you, please do apply!

Client testimonials and social media


You can find me on Instagram @coachjackmann where I regularly share health, fitness and mindset tips as well as client updates and feedback.

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Apply to work with me


If you've made it all the way down the page to this point and have read what I have to offer and seen some of my clients' amazing results and even got in touch with some of them, then hopefully you can recognise my online coaching as a huge opportunity for you to achieve the body of your dreams with results that last a lot longer than any you've worked towards before.

If you're ready to take the next step of your journey and apply to my online coaching, you can do so using the link below. Answer 6 short questions and if I think I can help you on your health, fitness and mindset journey, then I'll get back to you with more information.

At the very least, I will be able to give you a better understanding of what direction you should go in and I'll be able to answer some of your training, nutrition, lifestyle and support questions on the call. As such, you've got nothing to lose and potentially a whole lot to gain!

Invest in yourself and improve your future: you deserve to be fit and strong and confident in your body!

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