Personal trainer and online coach

I help busy adults make significant lifestyle changes through personalised exercise plans and healthy eating guidance.


You're looking to work with someone on your health and fitness goals.


You might be overstressed with work. You might find that you never have time – to eat well, to get to the gym, to just work on you. You might want to take your strength to the next level. You might want to get leaner for a wedding, a holiday or a photo shoot. And if none of this applies to you, why are you here? Let me know!


Asking for help is a big sign of strength. I enjoy training myself but I know that I only know what I know. I enjoy working with coaches – in both work and play – to learn more and be pushed further.

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Work with me for eight weeks

Broadly speaking, meaningful changes to body composition or fitness can be expected after committing to a lifestyle change for around eight weeks.*1

As your online coach, I'll programme your exercise, make recommendations based on your feedback, my experience and evidence-based reading and help you achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost of a gym-based PT.*2


I believe so strongly in my approach that if you can commit to eight weeks of online coaching with me, working with you on your eating and exercise habits, and your body doesn't change in a way that aligns with the goals we agree on together, I'll refund you four weeks.

Fill out my enquiry form and let's chat before we invest time in each other.

Starting a new fitness programme can feel like a big (and expensive) commitment

Achieving your fitness goals can cost time and money. By working with an online coach or personal trainer, you can drastically reduce that time commitment because they've been and got the reading and experience to help you. Further, working with an online coach, you can drastically reduce how much this time costs, given they won't be paying a gym rent.

Outside of gym memberships, diets and sports kit, do you know how much getting to my biggest and leanest physique yet cost me? Around six years and £400. If I'd had a coach six years ago, it still would have still cost me a couple of hundred pounds but I would have arrived where I wanted to much sooner. There's no better time to start than now!

Indeed, I would much rather you started working out at a level that works for you, committing to at least eight weeks of addressing how you eat, sleep and train, and you feel you can afford it than not start because it sounds like too much money. As such, I offer three levels of training:


- workout programmes with generic aims or specific programmes like the X-frame gaining phase that I'm personally running

- workout programmes tailored to your goals and the equipment you have access to

- bespoke online coaching, covering your eating and sleeping habits and how to get you motivated, as well as a tailored workout programme.

What makes you a good coach?

Over the past six years, I have personally worked on my fitness and nutrition to rebound from severe depression and loneliness towards more good days and better days, as well as more meaningful relationships with friends, family and broader communities. The moment when wellbeing – mine and others – became essential for me was as a Psychology masters student, where regular weightlifting sessions with the university's powerlifters enabled me to use exercise as a means to build on each of my own pillars of fitness. 


I understand, because I've experienced ill physical and mental health, that a person's fitness has as much to do with their physicality as it does their mentality, emotionality, sociality and even spirituality. I might not be able to help you with each of these pillars of fitness but I understand that empowering you to understand what you can work on and how might lead to a sense of achievement that transcends picking things up and putting them down again.

Having enjoyed many aspects of my coaching approach, Steph transformed the way she approached her general training and pole fitness. And in 2022, I worked with her on launching her brand, Union. Click the images below to check out our respective social media.

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I do not dispense medical advice nor prescribe medical treatment. Any content I send does not replace the necessary services of a licensed physician and does not constitute a medical service, medical advice, or healthcare treatment. You should consult with a medical professional where appropriate.

I have been informally coaching male and female adults of all abilities for four years and became a level three qualified PT with BISMA in December 2021. I am insured for both in-person and online coaching and am registered with CIMSPA. I am not currently sponsored.



*1 it takes roughly six to eight weeks to see meaningful changes in fitness or body composition, according to Healthline.

*2 a typical personal trainer in the UK costs £40-£50 an hour, according to Metro in 2019.