Personal trainer and online coach

I coach people to build muscle, lose fat and understand how they can train, eat and sleep for both sustainable results and enjoyment. I offer adults who have access to a well-equipped gym four to eight-week blocks of confidential, one-to-one, online coaching.

Please fill out my contact form and let's book in some time for a free consultation call to find out how we will work together.

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When will I see results?

Broadly speaking, meaningful changes to body composition or fitness can be expected after committing to a lifestyle change for at least six to eight weeks.*

"I didn’t fully understand my body or it’s training needs until I started training with Jack. I've come across no one more knowledgeable, or who cares more about you achieving your goals and getting to where you want to be than him. Couldn’t recommend him enough!"

Steph B, pole fitness instructor

How will we work together?

Following a free online consultation call, where we confidentially discuss your current exercise, eating and sleeping habits, I will write you a custom, weightlifting-based, training program supported by weekly check-ins where we cover:

  • your workouts – including how many sessions to do in a week, which exercises to do in each session and feedback on your exercise form

  • your general activity – including how many steps you [should] take, how much sleep you [should] get and physical activity outside of the gym

  • your nutrition – including the foods you enjoy and how much you should eat for your goal

  • your supplements – including which ones you might take and which ones you can do without

  • your body composition – including weight and whatever metrics your scales measure – as well as

  • gym accessory and clothing recommendations and

  • further reading.

I then encourage you to send me videos of your form on a set of as many exercises as you like, leave comments on how you found each exercise in the spreadsheet and upload securely stored progress photos, so we can track your objective progress but then also how you feel throughout this lifestyle change and, also, the positive impact this commitment has on your physique.

Do I need an online coach?

No. You don't need an online coach or personal trainer to see results: you are the person who can make the biggest changes to your body and lifestyle. All you need to see meaningful changes in your fitness and body composition are elements of hard work, motivation and consistency applied over at least six weeks. 

Why should I get an online coach?

You should get an online coach if you want someone to:

  • help you structure SMART goals

  • hold you accountable to those goals

  • motivate you (not least if previously you have given up on a program)

  • empower you to understand what your body needs to lose fat or build muscle

  • give you the tools to start structuring your own eating and workout plans for sustainable results, and, importantly,

  • make training and diet changes enjoyable.

You don't need an online coach to do any of the above but their knowledge and experience could guide you towards better recovery, training and nutrition sooner (because they've already made the mistakes that you don't have to). How happy have you been with your diet and exercise plans routines? How happy do you think you could be? If there's a discrepancy between the two, why not see if a coach could help you close that gap.

What makes you a good coach?

Over the past six years, I have personally worked on my fitness and nutrition to rebound from severe depression and loneliness towards more good days and better days, as well as more meaningful relationships with friends, family and broader communities. The moment when wellbeing – mine and others – became essential for me was as a Psychology masters student, where regular weightlifting sessions with the university's powerlifters enabled me to use exercise as a means to build on each of my own pillars of fitness. 


I understand, because I've experienced ill physical and mental health, that a person's fitness has as much to do with their physicality as it does their mentality, emotionality, sociality and even spirituality. I might not be able to help you with each of the pillars but I understand that empowering you to understand what you can work on and how might lead to a sense of achievement that transcends picking things up and putting them down again.

Do you use social media?

Every Single Rep tracks my fitness journey and includes my workouts, exercise tips, general nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance, as well as my progress pictures. This could be helpful to check out if you want to know more about my personal approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Who do you coach?

I coach male and female adults looking to build weightlifting into a significant lifestyle change, or who already lift and are wanting to get stronger, leaner or even more jacked!


I do not dispense medical advice nor prescribe medical treatment. Any content I send does not replace the necessary services of a licensed physician and does not constitute a medical service, medical advice, or healthcare treatment. You should consult with a medical professional where appropriate.

I have been informally coaching people of all abilities for four years and became a level three qualified PT with BISMA in December 2021. I am insured for both in-person and online coaching and am registered with CIMSPA. I am not currently sponsored.

My offer and hourly rate

A typical personal trainer in the UK costs £40-£50 an hour, and even more than this if you live in London.*

Over a block of eight weeks with me online, you'll get a weightlifting-based workout program tailored to your goals, up to six hours of video-calls to check-in on your progress, go through your form on exercises and generally keep you motivated, as well as the tools to understand how you can eat the foods you enjoy, exercise sustainably and recover well, and keep on making progress for results that last a lifetime rather than just the summer. And all for far less than if you ran an eight-week program with a gym-based trainer.

If committing to enjoying exercise and eating to get your body looking and feeling how you want it to sounds good to you, then sign up below and let's see how far we can take you on your own fitness and wellbeing journey.



*1 it takes roughly six to eight weeks to see meaningful changes in fitness or body composition, according to Healthline.

*2 a typical personal trainer in the UK costs £40-£50 an hour, according to Metro in 2019.