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I'm a bit of an eccentric myself actually; or, control those negatives!

My training partners hate me for it but slowing down movements could lead to greater strength and muscle gains without needing to add extra sets to your routines.

You can apply this principle to most movements but I find them easier, satisfyingly exhausting to do and, importantly, safer to implement on machine or bodyweight movements like leg presses, leg extensions and vertical pulling work.

In my recent lower body workout highlights video, I give a couple of examples of eccentric reps

If you want to try it, deliberately spend 2-4 seconds on the lengthening portion of the movement you’re attempting to tax your muscles in a hopefully novel but still accessible way. When this becomes easy, try reps of up to 10 seconds in the negative. In the video linked above, my reps were between five and 10 seconds long, I rarely got up to double figures and, after two sets, I was absolutely fried. I love it!

Which movements do you like to slow down? Let us know!


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