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What do bodyweight scales know about going on holiday?

Don’t let your scales define you or dictate what you do or don’t do on holiday.

Last week, for the first time in a while, I was able to take time away from my desk job and spend it with my family.

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When I was putting my x-frame training programme together, however, I didn’t know I was going to be away.

This meant that I wouldn’t have access to:

- all of my cooking utensils and ingredients or

- an affordable German supermarket

- my body weight scales or

- a gym with all the kit that I’d gotten into the groove with.

Further, this was only week two of the current training block, so I couldn’t chalk it off as a rest week. Surely this was the end of the line for the gains train, right?


I went to Aldi before I left and packed bits for easy meal prep – wraps, burgers, fruit – I scoped the local gym out and adapted some of my routines and then ate off-plan when we went out for food.

And outside of that, I walked and swam and played pitch and putt and just said yes to every opportunity to hang out.

The scales said I hadn’t changed when I checked this morning but, then again, what do they know about taking time off?

Whether you're going abroad or celebrating a national holiday, it can do you a world of good to take time away from the routine. If the routine helps you towards your goals, however, then, when you return, you should look to pick your productive habits back up.

Attaining your dream physique shouldn't be a question of restriction; instead, we might think of it as what's good for you and your goals, and what's better. Time off from hard work is often a good thing. Time off from time off, on the other hand, maybe not so much!

So, if you struggle with your health and fitness goals and want to understand how you can lose fat or build muscle without wasting time on fad diets or ineffective workout routines, then why not jump on a free call with me to see how we might work together on getting you to your goals in the shortest timeframe possible.

Even if you don't become a 1-1 client, you should still have a clearer understanding of what direction to go in next!

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