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Whether you call it a snatch waist or an x-frame

“I want nice arms, a small waist and a big bum” yeah, like, sure, hun, get in line behind me 😀

From experience, male and female clients typically want the same thing but go about asking for it differently.

Whether you call it a snatch waist or a V-taper, you can achieve it through a combination of a calorie deficit and building your shoulders, lats and legs.

Laura and I are not the same person, although, at times, we are uncannily similar.

In 2023, we’ve both worked on an x-frame shape – broader shoulders and lats, tiny waist and bigger legs – while learning how to control our bodies better through space by applying the strength that we built throughout 2022.

Training doesn’t have to be one dimensional. Training doesn’t have to be myopic. Training doesn’t have to be picking weights up and putting them down all the time.

Training can be gymnastic and out of the box and even entirely bodyweight based. Training, for me, is about building resilience and self-awareness, alongside relationships with other people who might have a [wildly] different story to mine but still, like me, want to push for something more.

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